Random Password Generator

Number of Passwords Range 1-100
Passwords Length Range 1-20
Is Case SensitiveYes     No
Limit 'Ambiguous' CharactersYes     No     (e.g. 0 o O l 1 L i I)
Use Punctuation CharactersYes     No
Output Phonetics?Yes     No     (e.g. Alpha Bravo Charlie)

This free on-line random password generator web tool uses a server-side ASP script written using VBScript to automatically produce a unique secure password.

These passwords can be used to create FTP passwords, website passwords, members only intranet or extranet passwords, personal use passwords, PIN numbers, forum passwords, temporary passwords etc. Such passwords are useful in increasing security and limmiting access to restricted data, web pages or secure documents.

The user has the option to generate case-sensitive (MiXeD cAsE) or case-insensitive password. Punctuation characters can be added. Ambiguous characters can be removed.

Ambiguous characters, are characters, that when printed using certain fonts are difficult to determine. When ambiguous characters are eliminated, the characters for Zero, O as in Oscar, One, I as in India, L as in Lima are removed from the pool of characters available.

A unique feature to this tool is the addition of a Phonetic pronounciation of the password, using a case-appropriate version of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet (A as in Alpha, B as in Bravo, C as in Charlie, E as in Echo etc.).

Finally, a computation service is included to display the number of unique characters used in the password generation scheme, and the total possible resultng passord combinations. Using the default values, over 72 Trillion combinations are possible.

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