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When hiring a web development agency to create your new website, one of the biggest decisions is choosing a platform. Some development agencies (like BX3) make use of their own platform, which is typically developed and maintained in-house and customized to their clients' needs. On the other hand, agencies whose capabilities are limited to design and marketing tend to use third-party platforms such as WordPress or Magenta. At BX3, we offer you the option of having your website developed on our in-house platform or on the platform of your choice.

WordPress is actually a blogging platform.

WordPress is an open source blog platform that more and more web designers utilize for building websites with basic functionality. However, when more advanced features and functionality are needed, WordPress' limitations as a blog platform require the website owner or designer to implement coding "hacks" and multiple software plugins to achieve the desired result.
WordPress plugins

BX3's platform is made specifically for website content publishing and management.

Similar to WordPress' plugins, our platform allows our developers to equip and customize your website with add-on modules, but without the need for hacks and settling for functionality limitations. For example, if you wish to sell products on your website, provide your customers a secure login to track their orders, or provide other advanced features, we maintain a library of in-house modules that we can customize to your exact specifications. Likewise, if a module does not exist, we can create it and integrate it seamlessly into your website.

BX3's software platform was designed and developed for the operation and management of websites with unlimited potential for scalability in the areas of content and functionality. Rather than fitting our clients into a rigid platform, we are able to customize our platform to the precise needs and specifications of each client. We have had the pleasure of working with satisfied clients who continue to trust and use our platform and services at various levels of their day-to-day business, from the standard management of their website, to real-time integration with third-party ERP and CRM systems.

WordPress websites require ongoing technical maintenance and updates to prevent software degrading and patch security vulnerabilities.

The more coding hacks and plugins that are added to a WordPress site, the more susceptible the website is to malfunctions and security threats. Open source software is, by its nature, open to any and all who wish to contribute code and plugins. Any plugin can be exploited (and created) by malicious hackers. For instance, in a single day in 2014, over 100,000 WordPress websites were compromised by a security vulnerability discovered in a simple slideshow plugin.

WordPress maintains a database of security vulnerabilities, with on of the most common being SQL injections, which are used by attackers to steal sensitive data from a database-driven website. This poses a serious threat to businesses who store and handle private data, including credit card information, social security numbers, health records and more.
WordPress security vulnerabilities

BX3's platform is designed, developed, maintained and supported in-house by a team of talented and security-conscious software engineers.

Because our software platforms are "closed source" and always kept up to date with the latest industry standards and best practices for quality and security, there is significantly less risk of third-party exploitation.

One common misconception about custom in-house website platforms and content management systems is that they are always developed in proprietary languages. BX3's platform is written exclusively in PHP and MySQL, which are languages universally used and understood by the majority of web programmers in the industry. This is advantageous for a client who might desire to eventually host their website in-house and hire a dedicated developer to modify the software platform as needed. We can also develop custom platforms using the programming language of your choice.


If you're looking for a platform that provides stability, security and scalability for you business, we recommend choosing our platform. Our platform also saves you on future costs associated with common WordPress pitfalls such as patching security vulnerabilities that are baked into your theme and updating plugins used throughout your website to prevent drops in functionality. Learn more about our platform.

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