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Increase your business efficiency and productivity

Automation is a powerful solution that can greatly improve your existing workflow and processes, and build an invaluable bridge between your customer-facing experiences and your back office software. We specialize in developing and integrating automation solutions for websites, web applications and mobile apps, and business software.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Automate your entire business process, from customer engagement to production management and order fulfillment.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Improve your marketing and sales process with automated contact and lead management, quote and order tracking and email marketing.

Data management

Data management

Increase the efficiency of your organization's information storage, management and distribution, and streamline sharing between users and systems.

Billing and payment solutions

Billing and payment solutions

Incorporate automation into your invoicing, collections and payment processing to streamline your work flow and transaction speed.
Inventory control automation

Inventory control automation

With automated inventory control, you can enjoy a complete view of your inventory including item availability, anticipated shortages, changes in demand, seasonal activity and sales performance reporting. We develop custom inventory control systems for various applications, from interactive product catalogs and ecommerce websites, to complete ERPs and related modules that integrate with your back office software.

  • Inventory management software, mobile apps and website modules
  • Real-time item availability lookup
  • Integration with barcode printers and scanners
  • ERP and CRM integration
  • Custom analytics and reporting
Marketing automation

Marketing automation

Improve the way you interact with potential customers and your existing clients with custom automation solutions. Automation can be woven into your existing processes and applications to improve the work flow, efficiency and accuracy of your marketing initiatives. Additionally, we can effectively consolidate your databases and task interfaces allowing you to better coordinate your marketing campaigns and messaging.

  • Lead capture and follow-up
  • Email marketing and performance tracking
  • Automated messages to generate new orders and referrals
  • Post-checkout surveys
  • Timed social media and blog posting
  • CRM integration
  • Custom analytics and reporting
Sales management and automation

Sales management and automation

Increase your sales opportunities and revenue with automation that's centered around what your customer needs and when they need it. We've created a variety of sales management tools, from ecommerce and service websites with simple automated customer follow-ups, to complete CRMs with custom sales force automation, integrated inventory look-ups and much more.

  • Integrated contact management
  • Lead management and scoring
  • Task and appointment management
  • Automated email messaging
  • Quote and order creation tied to real-time inventory availability
Online payments

Online payments

Save time invoicing your customers and collecting payments with automatic payment solutions tailored to your business model. We provide custom payment solutions ranging from ecommerce for online stores and subscription websites, to customer portals that interface with your back office software.

  • Electronic invoicing
  • Automatic recurring billing
  • Secure online payment forms
  • Integration with your payment gateway and accounting software
  • One-time or recurring payment processing
  • Automatic delivery of transaction receipts


Don't miss out on an opportunity to automate an otherwise time-consuming and costly aspect of your business process. Integration is a solution for streamlining the flow of data between your website, web applications, back office software and third-party services. We are Glendale's leading integration experts offering a wealth of experience tying into even the most complex systems, from accounting software and logistics services, to legacy data sources or in-house platforms without API capability. Our team loves a challenge!

  • QuickBooks Online integration
  • Sage integration
  • FedEx, UPS and USPS integration
  • CRM, CMS and ERP integration
  • Digital signature integration
  • Google Ads, Analytics and Maps integration

We're Arizona's go-to custom software development company

One of the features that makes BX3 Interactive unique is our expertise in developing custom software and integration solutions for our clients. Since 2003, we have helped hundreds of clients across Arizona and throughout the U.S. looking to optimize their business process, consolidate their data and make use of integration to enhance their offerings. As we said, we love a challenge and look forward to helping you improve your business.

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