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Information architecture

The art and science of increasing your conversion

If you're wondering why your website's not performing well in terms of being found and generating business, then information architecture can offer invaluable insights. The secret ingredient of user experience design, information architecture is a process for making the content, metadata and navigation of your website more relevant, accessible and understandable to your customers. An effective information architecture strategy can:

check Strengthen your website's search engine optimization performance
check Improve click-through rate on search results pages
check Decrease your website's bounce rate and cart abandonment
check Increase page views, time on site and conversion

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The principles and strategies of information architecture can be utilized to improve many aspects of your business, from customer-facing websites and applications to your back office software and database systems.

Website design

Website design

From corporate sites to ecommerce stores to intranets, we can improve the performance of your company's website.

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Application design

Application design

Business automation software and consumer apps share a similar requirement: usability. Let us get your applications in order.

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Database design

Database design

Data retrieval and accessibility are critical to information systems. We're experts at optimizing databases of all degrees of complexity.

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Information architecture research


The first step in our process is to thoroughly understand your business, market and target audience. If you already have a website, we want to examine it and learn more about your previous marketing and advertising experiences. This discovery allows us to eventually develop an effective strategy for optimizing the performance of your website. Here's what's included:

check Interviews with stakeholders to assess your needs and goals
check Competitive analysis to identify opportunities to improve your marketshare
check User research to better understand your target customers, their information needs and buying behavior
check Audit of your existing content and metadata

Information architecture strategy


Next, we collaborate with you to create a plan of action for implementing our proposed changes to your existing website. Our goal is to provide practical procedures that you can implement with confidence as needed to manage and grow your website as your business evolves. This includes the following:

check Content strategy for keeping your website fresh and up-to-date
check Content creation and management training and best practices
check Metadata and keyword optimization consulting
check Assessment of opportunities to improve the performance of your website

Information architecture design


Our final step is the implementation of our strategy and recommendations in the form of flow diagrams, storyboards and wireframes. These visuals allow us to present to you a semi-functional prototype that simulates the layout and flow of the final product. This includes creation of the following deliverables:

check Sitemap development and navigation design
check Screen and process flow design and optimization
check Content positioning and layout recommendations

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Since 2003, we have worked with hundreds of businesses throughout Arizona and the U.S. to improve their websites and applications with individualized information architecture strategies. Let our experts give your website the helping hand it needs to grow your business.

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check A project kickoff meeting that will allow us to hit the ground running on schedule.
check Regular phone calls and emails to keep you up to speed throughout the project.

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