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When you think of all the innovations in technology and the seemingly endless possibilities and opportunities they present, it's an exciting time to be a business and a consumer. But with so many choices to consider, how do you know which are right for your business? And whether you have an idea for a new product, or you're looking to revamp your website, where do you start?

We can point you in the right direction and equip you with all the insight you'll need to be successful with your venture. From website and software projects to marketing and advertising campaigns, our team's expertise and creativity are at your service.

Our consulting services

Website consulting

Website consulting

Whether you're a startup looking to create a new website or an established company in need of a website redesign, we can help you lay the groundwork for success. This includes design direction, usability best practices, platform and content management selection, and what to look for when hiring a design and development company.
Software consulting

Software consulting

Software takes many forms in a business: a mobile app or game, an ecommerce store, a customer login portal, a content management system, a CRM, or an ERP. Instead of a mobile app, maybe a responsive website with some custom software is all you really need. We can explain your options and guide you in choosing a cost effective solution.
Technology consulting

Technology consulting

Technology is literally in the palm of your hand, and simultaneously miles away in the Cloud. Equally important as creating a great product is choosing the right framework, platform, and hosting service. From websites and application APIs, to complete back-office software and hardware integration, we can help you select the right technology for your needs.
Digital marketing consulting

Digital marketing consulting

Are you considering hiring a digital marketing agency to promote your business? Before you get wrapped up in their long-term contract, we can help you gain perspective of your realistic opportunities. This includes evaluating your entire web presence and discussing viable strategies and options, from social media and email marketing, to citation and reputation management.
Digital advertising consulting

Digital advertising consulting

Investing your time and money into paid advertising tools is easier than ever, but so is the risk of inadvertently wasting your advertising dollars in the wrong places. We can help you understand your options and coach you on making use of your most profitable opportunities, from Google AdWords and Facebook promotions to remarketing and retargeting strategies.
Search engine optimization (SEO) consulting

Search engine optimization (SEO) consulting

In April 2015, Google changed their algorithm to improve search results for their users. This meant the end of content saturated with keywords in favor of quality content that's relevant to the reader or customer. If your website's search engine rankings are lackluster, we can analyze your content and metadata, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Project requirements / RFP document preparation

As an added option for any of the above consulting services, we can create a formal requirements document or RFP (Request for Proposal) for your use in gathering accurate quotes for your project. This includes a guide for your use in evaluating prospective agencies or contractors.

How can we help you?

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What you can expect from us:

  • A friendly get-together to introduce ourselves and determine your needs and goals.
  • A proposal detailing the work we will do with accurate fees. We honor our prices.
  • A project kickoff meeting that will allow us to hit the ground running on schedule.
  • Regular phone calls and emails to keep you up to speed throughout the project.
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